Monday, July 28, 2008

Now you can see what your mom new project for your girls this coming Christmas. I couldn't wait to see the final product. One i know for sure is, your mom are using my old shirts and make the most of of it. BTW, we are doing well on our deck and the flowers are blooming and we able to get some rest even today when we got many kind of bad new about our hospital bill and the condition of Birch Way. We are try to give this it to the Lord who will make it out for us. We do enjoy our vacation for the first time that we stay home not traveling anywhere in the world. Enjoy reading Anjuli, Wanida and Leonie journal about their trip to Asia. It seems that their trip have made us enjoy with them as well. We hope that when our turn for traveling, it will fund as much as them. That waht you will have to wait until March'09.

Back again

Wow1 it has been a long time that I left this blog uncouth. I even forgot how this blog work. I have been enjoy reading Anjuli and Wanida's blog and make me want to use this tool more in a way of communication and sharing the thought and feeling to those I do love and care.
This one just want to let all of you know that you are loved by me. thanks for make my life count everyday in thinking about all of you. Life is always challenge of how to make other life more special than mine. Every day is always new way of living that making a memory that worthwhile that other will appreciate each other more. Hope that today I live that way. Love, dad