Monday, August 20, 2007

My only lover

Good even to all those who i love and pray for daily. If you open my blog, you are one of those who I love and pray for you. I am writing this for my dearest wife "Miriam". She has been my love, my companion, my friend, my co-worker and most of all, being the best mother for my children. Now aday she is my partner in taking care of my grand son "Manoah". She love to paly violin when able she able to find time. Her time is always free to anyone except for herself. It has been more than 36 years of our life together. It always refresh and enjoy to be with her and still able to sleep next to her every night. I never be lonely when i know that she is at home. To my four daughters, she always in love with you all and care very day and minuts. She spend hours pray and thinking for our daughters. She never rest until very thing she know that your are in love with God. She is a woman of the words, she spend a long time reading and study God word. God word always the most important for her. I love her in the way that she love me and ebcourage me to take a step of faith in whatever I want to do, especially in the ministry. she is the best os all women that I know. ofcourse she is not yet perfect but her heart and attitude is pure and good toward other. I love and looking forwards to hear the music from her in the year to come wheen she will play and put only me to sleep. i will let you know and write to you more when that time come. Good night and will come and visit you again soon. Love, me wichit, dad, grandpa, friend, brother to some.
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My adopted gran son

Hope that many of you remember him. His name is Noah. this is onther grandson that i see him often. His mom and dad are so kind in sharing him with us often. Imagine he is so cute just like our grandson Manoah. Thanks Parkins for sharing him with us. We are praying for him and you family. love you too, grandpa, Wichit
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he is looking for you

Dear family,
I am back from vacation with my mom and my dad. I am happy to be back home in Escondido again. Especially my granpa. I have learned how to sit up when I were in Oregon with the Paschell's family. Hope that I will able to many of my aunts soon.
Yes, Manoah is growing so fast now. His mom feel the weigh is on her. Hope that you will see him soon. Love, Dad
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Delicious food with my son in law

This is the first time for many months that I do want to have time with both of my in son in law. How special this was the time this evening, when Joe and Sam went out with me at soup plantation in RB. Than ks Joe for paid for our food. We have a good fellowship in sharing about our life at work and our time with each other. Joe shared about need to get a hair cut and then back to work in making up the time he needs to fufill what the company require before he and Wanida leaving to see his dad in Vacaville.
Sam will satarting back to Tabot at Biola again in two weeks. He has two more semesters to graduated in his master degree.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Relax at home

Today has been a day of rest and relax, wnet to the men's prayer at EFCC, home to be with Miriam. She is cleaning the closet and panty. The afternoon went to be with Sam Sr. for their packing and having lunch at their place. Ofcourse manoah woke up in the last minuts before we left for home.
Tomorrow is the father day, hope that many of you will say a good word for your dad. happy father day. Love, dad

Day of joy.

Good day and sad day of watching the funeral service of Ruth Graham. The joy come back to me by knowing that she is with the Lord and I someday will see her. It is like a flowers that bloom around our home.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

love Malina

Wow! Malina, what a good time we have together in Oakland during Ron and Katrina wedding. Thanks for taking care of me. Love, Dad
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