Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Thousand to teas we drink together.
What a special day of children getting marry.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY of 41years together.  Wow how the time has moved away so fast. I could not believe that 41 years already. It seems like just a few years a go, even the surprise of our 40th anniversary when our children and ICF families has put a big celebration for us. This past year we have so many things happy from our life together. Fulfilling with many blessings in family, children, grand children and the fulling  ministry according of His calling us together many years ago. Forty one years from nothing of two individual life that for me never and ever dream of from where I came from and grow up. When I look back it has to be the God who I came to believe that make all these happening. Married someone like you that is a miracle and is He the one who plans all this from the beginning. We both came a long way to be true if we are try that in our own plan. His plan and purposes been revealed in both of us. From our life together then so many thing happen, four beautiful daughters, they all have a wonderful families with precious grandchildren who we both enjoy almost every day. We both have a fruitful ministry, it has been know all over among ISM. What a beautiful place that we live in and raise our family. A place just right for using to share Christ love with many international who still do not know Him. Just a few few, Eric and Joy from China.Many more blessings God has continued pour in to us. Imagine what a life that He has promises me when I came to believe in Him. Thanks Miriam for the love and care that you have been for me in all these years. You have been so amazing to me in the way you show His love among many who are in our lives. Thanks dear. I am looking forward for another many years ahead if He allows for us to live here on earth.
Remember this place.

 Once again I love you and always will. May the Lord continue to use both of for His glory in many years to come. Thanks for caring and love me for all these years. 
You are lovely!
Love you,

 PS. sorry for some you are receiving or even read this post that I do intend for my lovely wife. I do not know have to change or not to stop this into public post in this blog.

Monday, December 17, 2012

           Good morning. Today is monday morning, just up again early even I went to bed lated last night worked on my toy (iPad ). Miriam was baby siting for the the Maertz family in the evening during Joe and Wanida played at the Flood. We all went to the Flood in the morning to meet with Leonie and Dan.  During the service Miriam told me something happen to Dan our new son in law (ask mom). After that we all (mom, Dan, Leonie, Grandma and I) went out for lunch at Vietnamese food. I am surprised  this is Dan and Leonie favorite place to eat every time when the come to the Flood. We all did enjoy the food thanks Dan and Leonie for taking care the bill. I enjoy my conversation with Dan and try to learn from hime about irrigation and plants. Wow! I thanks God for this new addition into this vey special family. We are like big and completed family in all ages, sex, children, all kind of professionals. This is the amazing Maneevone family. I could not imagine almost 41 years ago this would happen this way. God who makes the way and still making and many good gifts will come from above. 
         Well, two more days grandma will leaving (12/19) back to Idaho. She came and make with us since the wedding day of Dan and Leonie (11/18). All the time she were here she never stop working in her photo books, cooking, cleaning, enjoy to be with her great grandkids, she also pray for their salvation that many will follow her and Dad faith in Jesus. She shared with me that her prayer that all will be a follower of Jesus who is the One making this family. yes, has passed away 6 years ago and she seems mis him and show emotion when we talk about him. She love all her grandkids and concern a lot of their spiritual life. she mention a few and she always have hope that someday all will turn back to God like the parable in the lost son. Thanks mom for caring for them. We love you and will surely miss you again thanks for coming down to spend your winter break down here in Escondido. Looking forward to have you back again soon. 
         Well again Christmas day almost here. i still not thinking much of anything. One thing is changing in our home and under the Christmas tree is not many gifts under there. I am happy to see that the Christmas week or day even month should be every month. We always call to give whenever people are in need. I mysql not even know what to buy for the person whom I suppose to buy. Help!!!!. Give me some ideas in anything even what and where to go on 12/18. I love you all. Imagine life with you all. Thanks God for giving me these special people in my life. Looking forward of what to come in the years that I am still here with this what I call my special family. 
Love you,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good morning, to day is a raining day in Escondido! We do not have this one for long time. We do need very much. I am in my office early this morning after a good night sleep. Last night when my dear wife went to teach her last class for this semester. She shared with us (grandma and Elisa) about how much students were enjoy her class every much with many good and the best comments she ever have like every semester. She is every good teacher and the best one who care about this life issue that what they learn about the class subject. My am so grateful and thankful to God to marry to the best teacher of all. That is why so many love her.
      Yes, back to have I  want to write about. It is raining and it is clod day that reminding me when I were at the beach with Naomi and our family beach BBQ. It was cold and good memory that I have with her just like many other time with my grandkids (now we have 5). Rain is reminding of life where I grown up that rain a lot and clod but I love rain. I enjoy running in the rain even my grandma who always warned me of carefully about the lighting and tunders. She even scared me with some kind of bad spirit like to harm children through thunders and lighting. Many time i do not care because it was fun and refreshing to be clean from all the dust and dirty through out the day with bad air an smoke from car drove by our home. Thanks for grandma but I do missed my grandpa who I do not know at all, only a short time a few years before he past away with some kind of sickness( he drinks a lot of home made alcohol). Now I kind of realize that how important of the grandkids should know or the grandpa should knows grandkids. Thanks god that all my grandkids are living so close by to us. Wanida and Anjuli's family just about 5-10 minutes from us. Thanks girls for considering of this need of my and I. Well may be I should go out into the rain today. Hope you too will have good day except those who are in final exam this week. I love rain but my family I do love more and more. Love , Dad

Sunday, December 2, 2012

This is I need.

What a beautiful day that I went to Carsbad beach with my wife. I am resting well.
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Back again

Good morning: wow it has been many years that I left this blog or post. I found out from reading Leonie's blog. I hav blog as grandpa's Wichit. I would to get back to this gain and begin to write my thought regularly. It is coming. Like.
                              This morning is a beautiful day to get up early and listen to the words in Mathew 19-23. The fire place was lit and warm enough not have a wear sweater. Now my wife, Miriam got up and lay on the sofa next to me. She is playing game her favorite game called "words". I am glad to see her improving from her skin cancel more than a month ago. She has a hard time berating at night seem not able to sleep well. Doctor said will take a few more months longer. Hope and patient that what we all needs. Today is Sunday, we will go to listen to Sam teaching at Mission Hill Church at 9:30 am. Hope to ge back home for lunch and resting that it the word that I seem can use more often now. Pray at our home again tonight for the ministry that w both are involve in for many years now since 1976 as a full time. Yes it has been many years now but we both love it. This last Thanksgiving we have 125 came to celebrate with us in ICF thanksgiving special. Then the following Sunday was Leonie and Dan wedding. Praise be to God for this first daughter of us finally met the man that God has planed for this for long ago. This cause me to say "Thanks".

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to our home

This is an invitation to all our family, especially for Joe and Wanida. Mom will have a warm hot food for you. Mom is a good cook. she like to cook for our family. If you look carefully you can see the onion is in the wok and ready to make an Indian cury. As you kow home aways a plac that we can enjoy our food and sharing our life together. Life with out family that mean who can we share food to. Hope that you too will continue this tradition of loving to share and be a good cook. Dad like to cook too but not cleaning, only when mom cook than I can clean. come home quick.


I wonder what life will be like, if that is no relationship with others. I can tell from all these years that I have a wonderful relationship with those who God give them to me, like my truly family (Beautiful wife, four beautiful daughters, close relative like Jessica and Kun who are with us at our home). I do want to thanks God for each one of them that God using their life to make me become more and more like Him. Thanks for each one of you for being so patience, kind, love and willing to share what you have with me. In everyday life what exciting to know and hear about what is happening to you by you always want to share with me. Now I even learning many from Manoah every time what he come over. That little boy has so much I am learning from. How to enjoy what he like to do, Bob's video. That is his commit to do and want, stand firm of what want to do and do it well. I love him how he persisting and never give up. I wish i can do like that every day and every time. That is mean we do needs each other doesn't matter who we are and what we like. Kun is here now and he is learning about our way of life in the Maneevones home and I too try to learn from him about life back to from the place I was born. I have missed that season of my life for many years. As you know that I have left home when I was turned 11 and venture out to find the true life and meaning of true relationship. Now I am filling some of those from Kun. Thanks Kun, Jessica and the rest of the family. You have make my life for now. Keep on trusting and searching and looking, don't forget all the relationship and answer just with in us and next to us, which is all plan from above that is our smartest of all. Love you all, Grandpa Wichit