Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to our home

This is an invitation to all our family, especially for Joe and Wanida. Mom will have a warm hot food for you. Mom is a good cook. she like to cook for our family. If you look carefully you can see the onion is in the wok and ready to make an Indian cury. As you kow home aways a plac that we can enjoy our food and sharing our life together. Life with out family that mean who can we share food to. Hope that you too will continue this tradition of loving to share and be a good cook. Dad like to cook too but not cleaning, only when mom cook than I can clean. come home quick.


I wonder what life will be like, if that is no relationship with others. I can tell from all these years that I have a wonderful relationship with those who God give them to me, like my truly family (Beautiful wife, four beautiful daughters, close relative like Jessica and Kun who are with us at our home). I do want to thanks God for each one of them that God using their life to make me become more and more like Him. Thanks for each one of you for being so patience, kind, love and willing to share what you have with me. In everyday life what exciting to know and hear about what is happening to you by you always want to share with me. Now I even learning many from Manoah every time what he come over. That little boy has so much I am learning from. How to enjoy what he like to do, Bob's video. That is his commit to do and want, stand firm of what want to do and do it well. I love him how he persisting and never give up. I wish i can do like that every day and every time. That is mean we do needs each other doesn't matter who we are and what we like. Kun is here now and he is learning about our way of life in the Maneevones home and I too try to learn from him about life back to from the place I was born. I have missed that season of my life for many years. As you know that I have left home when I was turned 11 and venture out to find the true life and meaning of true relationship. Now I am filling some of those from Kun. Thanks Kun, Jessica and the rest of the family. You have make my life for now. Keep on trusting and searching and looking, don't forget all the relationship and answer just with in us and next to us, which is all plan from above that is our smartest of all. Love you all, Grandpa Wichit