Sunday, December 2, 2012

Back again

Good morning: wow it has been many years that I left this blog or post. I found out from reading Leonie's blog. I hav blog as grandpa's Wichit. I would to get back to this gain and begin to write my thought regularly. It is coming. Like.
                              This morning is a beautiful day to get up early and listen to the words in Mathew 19-23. The fire place was lit and warm enough not have a wear sweater. Now my wife, Miriam got up and lay on the sofa next to me. She is playing game her favorite game called "words". I am glad to see her improving from her skin cancel more than a month ago. She has a hard time berating at night seem not able to sleep well. Doctor said will take a few more months longer. Hope and patient that what we all needs. Today is Sunday, we will go to listen to Sam teaching at Mission Hill Church at 9:30 am. Hope to ge back home for lunch and resting that it the word that I seem can use more often now. Pray at our home again tonight for the ministry that w both are involve in for many years now since 1976 as a full time. Yes it has been many years now but we both love it. This last Thanksgiving we have 125 came to celebrate with us in ICF thanksgiving special. Then the following Sunday was Leonie and Dan wedding. Praise be to God for this first daughter of us finally met the man that God has planed for this for long ago. This cause me to say "Thanks".


anjuli paschall said...

i'm so happy you are blogging again!!

Wichit Maneevone said...

I am happy to find this blog again. Hope that I can write more often. Love you dearly. Dad