Monday, December 17, 2012

           Good morning. Today is monday morning, just up again early even I went to bed lated last night worked on my toy (iPad ). Miriam was baby siting for the the Maertz family in the evening during Joe and Wanida played at the Flood. We all went to the Flood in the morning to meet with Leonie and Dan.  During the service Miriam told me something happen to Dan our new son in law (ask mom). After that we all (mom, Dan, Leonie, Grandma and I) went out for lunch at Vietnamese food. I am surprised  this is Dan and Leonie favorite place to eat every time when the come to the Flood. We all did enjoy the food thanks Dan and Leonie for taking care the bill. I enjoy my conversation with Dan and try to learn from hime about irrigation and plants. Wow! I thanks God for this new addition into this vey special family. We are like big and completed family in all ages, sex, children, all kind of professionals. This is the amazing Maneevone family. I could not imagine almost 41 years ago this would happen this way. God who makes the way and still making and many good gifts will come from above. 
         Well, two more days grandma will leaving (12/19) back to Idaho. She came and make with us since the wedding day of Dan and Leonie (11/18). All the time she were here she never stop working in her photo books, cooking, cleaning, enjoy to be with her great grandkids, she also pray for their salvation that many will follow her and Dad faith in Jesus. She shared with me that her prayer that all will be a follower of Jesus who is the One making this family. yes, has passed away 6 years ago and she seems mis him and show emotion when we talk about him. She love all her grandkids and concern a lot of their spiritual life. she mention a few and she always have hope that someday all will turn back to God like the parable in the lost son. Thanks mom for caring for them. We love you and will surely miss you again thanks for coming down to spend your winter break down here in Escondido. Looking forward to have you back again soon. 
         Well again Christmas day almost here. i still not thinking much of anything. One thing is changing in our home and under the Christmas tree is not many gifts under there. I am happy to see that the Christmas week or day even month should be every month. We always call to give whenever people are in need. I mysql not even know what to buy for the person whom I suppose to buy. Help!!!!. Give me some ideas in anything even what and where to go on 12/18. I love you all. Imagine life with you all. Thanks God for giving me these special people in my life. Looking forward of what to come in the years that I am still here with this what I call my special family. 
Love you,


Ms Moneyone said...

Dad! Go to Everything is there you can post ideas and see what the person you are buying for wants. Ask mom for help.

mal.i.oucious said...

Oh no! I'm sure you will figure it out by sat! Thanks for sharing dad. Your right, every day should be Christmas
When we can help our neighbors and be kind to those around us. Love you!