Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Thousand to teas we drink together.
What a special day of children getting marry.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY of 41years together.  Wow how the time has moved away so fast. I could not believe that 41 years already. It seems like just a few years a go, even the surprise of our 40th anniversary when our children and ICF families has put a big celebration for us. This past year we have so many things happy from our life together. Fulfilling with many blessings in family, children, grand children and the fulling  ministry according of His calling us together many years ago. Forty one years from nothing of two individual life that for me never and ever dream of from where I came from and grow up. When I look back it has to be the God who I came to believe that make all these happening. Married someone like you that is a miracle and is He the one who plans all this from the beginning. We both came a long way to be true if we are try that in our own plan. His plan and purposes been revealed in both of us. From our life together then so many thing happen, four beautiful daughters, they all have a wonderful families with precious grandchildren who we both enjoy almost every day. We both have a fruitful ministry, it has been know all over among ISM. What a beautiful place that we live in and raise our family. A place just right for using to share Christ love with many international who still do not know Him. Just a few few, Eric and Joy from China.Many more blessings God has continued pour in to us. Imagine what a life that He has promises me when I came to believe in Him. Thanks Miriam for the love and care that you have been for me in all these years. You have been so amazing to me in the way you show His love among many who are in our lives. Thanks dear. I am looking forward for another many years ahead if He allows for us to live here on earth.
Remember this place.

 Once again I love you and always will. May the Lord continue to use both of for His glory in many years to come. Thanks for caring and love me for all these years. 
You are lovely!
Love you,

 PS. sorry for some you are receiving or even read this post that I do intend for my lovely wife. I do not know have to change or not to stop this into public post in this blog.


Augustus Rex said...

So grateful for you and mom! 41 years is a heritage I am honored to be a part of, may God be so gracious as to grant Anjuli and I the same heritage

Ms Moneyone said...

Thanks for sharing Dad! So glad to have wonderful parents like you! Love you both so much.

mal.i.oucious said...

Yay! Congratulations on 41 years, I love you both.